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Load Isolation Switch (LIS)

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    2. SKG1 Series 16A-63A load isolation switch (LIS)Product Name :load isolation switch (LIS)Product Model:SKG1 Series 16A-63ASize/Material :4P 105*100*70mm              DMC\Copper\SilverFeatures :The elastic-accumulating accelerating mechanism for instant release realizes the rapid making and breaking(13.8m/s), have no ...
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    2. SKG1 Series 80A-160A load isolation switch (LIS)Product Name :load isolation switch (LIS)Product Model:SKG1 Series 80A-160ASize/Material :3P 140*116*235 4P 170*116*235mm              DMC\Copper\SilverFeatures :The elastic-accumulating accelerating mechanism for instant release realizes the rapid making and breaking(13.8m/...
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    2. SKG1 Series 200A-250A load isolation switch (LIS)Product Name :load isolation switch (LIS)Product Model:SKG1 Series 200A-250ASize/Material :3P 180*128*2904P 230*128*290mm              DMC\Copper\SilverFeatures :The elastic-accumulating accelerating mechanism for instant release realizes the rapid making and breaking(13.8m/s),&n...
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    2. SKG1 Series 315A-630A load isolation switch (LIS)Product Name :load isolation switch (LIS)Product Model:SKG1 Series 315A-630ASize/Material :3P 230*260*4004P 290*260*400mm              DMC\Copper\SilverFeatures :The elastic-accumulating accelerating mechanism for instant release realizes the rapid making and breaking(13.8m/s),&n...
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    2. SKG1 Series 800A-1600A load isolation switch (LIS)Product Name: load isolation switch (LIS) Product Model: SKG1 Series 800A-1600A Size / Material: 3P 378*240*480 4P 492*240*480mm  DMC \ Copper \ Silver Features: The elastic-accumulating accelerating mechanism for instant release realizes the rapid making and breaking (13.8m/s), have no relationship with the speed of the operating handle, and increasing greatly the capability of ext...
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    2. SKG1 Series 2000A-3200A load isolation switch (LIS)Product Name :load isolation switch (LIS)Product Model:SKG1 Series 2000A-3200ASize/Material :3P 378*365*5604P 492*365*560mm              DMC\Copper\SilverFeatures :The elastic-accumulating accelerating mechanism for instant release realizes the rapid making and breaking(13.8m/s),...