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Electroplating of high frequency switch power supply

Switching power supply is introduced

(1), the development of the power supply:

The electroplating process, due to the higher requirements of electroplating technology, promotes the development of electroplating set of updates. By the original dc generator - reactor pressure regulating - since the coupling voltage regulator transistor rectifier voltage regulator, SCR silicon controlled rectifier, high accuracy, pulse electroplating power supply, high-frequency switching power supply, intelligent gradually.

Dc generator, reactor pressure regulating rectifier has become antiques, no longer someone USES; Self coupling voltage regulator rectifier and SCR silicon controlled rectifier is still widely used, but big volume, power consumption, has been gradually replaced by the high frequency switch rectifier; High precision transistors rectifier power consumption is big, but stable voltage, current, high accuracy, output waveform is smooth, especially adapted to the precious metal plating.

Pulse power is a kind of can provide on-off pulses rectifier dc power supply, using the current (or voltage) pulse Zhang Chilai increase the cathodic polarization and reduce the concentration of the cathodic polarization, thereby improving physical and chemical properties of coating. Get in the plating bath is discrete (non continuous) current; From the point of view of time domain analysis, under the impulse control, from direct current electrodeposition of electrode process into a cycle of pulse process; From the point of view of frequency domain analysis, pulse power supply for the plating tank provides a rich harmonic current component. This kind of transient harmonic encourage affecting the electrode process, constitutes the essence of pulse plating. When dc plating liquid layer near the surface of the cathode by continual deposition of metal ions, will inevitably cause the concentration polarization and hydrogen evolution reaction. And at the time of the current conduction pulse electroplating, the metal ions in the liquid layer near the surface of the cathode is fully deposit; Around when the current is shut off, the cathode discharge ions back to the initial concentration, so that constantly repeated cycles of pulse current is mainly used for the reduction of metal ions, the metal ions in dc plating was not achieve high under potential deposition, the result can not only the nature of the cathode coating, but also can reduce the proportion of hydrogen evolution, and the existence of the cut-off time not only is good for the recovery of metal ion concentration near cathode, but also will bring some good for sediments have recrystallization, the phenomenon such as stripping absorption.

High frequency switching power supply is now on the market the most popular plating power supply. High frequency switching power supply is one of the biggest advantages of small volume, light weight, high power conversion rate, improve the quality of products. Main breaker parts adopt imported high power IGBT to superfine crystal permeability (nanocrystalline soft magnetic alloy material, imports of high-power schottky or super fast diode for rectifier components. Control panel using multi-loop control, complete protection function.

(2), the product features:

Since the coupling voltage regulator rectifier, convenient operation, simple maintenance; With overload protection; The output sine wave, can add filter smooth; Applied to general plating. SCR silicon controlled rectifier, convenient operation, simple maintenance; Have a near voltage regulator, steady flow and other functions; Have a soft start, lack of phase, overload protection; Products extends to high pressure, positive and negative polarity reversal, etc; Sine wave output, can add filter smooth; Applicable to general plating and some special purpose.

High precision transistors rectifier: convenient operation, maintenance is complex; Voltage regulator, steady flow and other additional features; Overheating protection, overload protection; Smooth dc output, high precision; Only applies to the precious metal plating.

Pulse rectifier: the operation is complicated; Maintenance is complex; Pulse amplitude, pulse width adjustment and other additional features; Overheating, overload protection; Output the rectangular wave, a one-way pulse, bidirectional pulse, dc superposition pulse; Suitable for precious metal plating.

High frequency switch rectifier: convenient operation and maintenance is complex; Voltage regulator, steady flow and other additional features; Have a soft start, lack of phase, overheating and short circuit, fault protection; Output dc or pulse harmonic smooth, suitable for all kinds of plating.

Shall at the request of customer production, customizable dc 3 a - 10000 - a - 300 - v, 6 v the various styles of electroplating, electrophoresis, oxidation, electrochemical and hard chromium, such as power supply, adjustable output voltage and current, current limiting pressure limiting optional, use agile and convenient.

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